Goju Ryu and the Fuzhou Crane Link 1

In his 1997 book The History of Karate, Higaonna Morio Shihan writes that the Fuzhou-based gongfu expert known as Ryu Ryu Ko trained at a Southern Shaolin temple in the mountains of Fujian in China, when he was a young man. Ryu Ryu Ko passed on his style to the Okinawan Higaonna Kanryo, who travelled […]


Sensei Theo Theloesen

In Memoriam: Sensei Theo Theloesen (1946 – 2012) 9

I was a teenager when I met Sensei Theo Theloesen in the very early nineties. I had been an arduous student of karate-do for quite some years, training at several of the Shotokan clubs in my town, and was looking for answers as to the functional application of kata, that remained a mystery to me. […]

Sanchin Master Class June 2012 Course Report

As part of a 4-month World Tour that started with the Central European Gasshuku in the Netherlands in May, Legends Karate was proud to host Hanshi Patrick McCarthy’s (8th dan) on Monday June 4th 2012 in London. The Master Class was open to all styles and levels and was held at the OTGKA Elephant & Castle Honbu Dojo in […]

Sanchin Master Class with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

White Crane Chin Na Seminar with Robert Was 2011

White Crane Chin Na Seminar with Robert Was 2011 1

A seminars with YMAA Poland director Robert Was was held  on Shaolin White Crane Chin Na on the 19th of June. Robert Was is one of the most prominent instructors under Master Yang Jwing Ming’s international organisation, the YMAA. Master Yang studied Shaolin White Crane in Taiwan under Master Cheng, Gin-Gsao (1911-1976), who on his turn studied […]

Tiger-Crane Seminar 2011 4

On 21 May 20011 Martin Watts, the European representative of the Weng Gong Ci Martial Gym, Yongchun, Fujian, China, hosted an open Tiger-Crane seminar at his Mallorca-based wushu guan taught by Master Iain Armstrong Chairman/Chief Instructor of the UK branch of the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association. Among those attending were a large group of Goju Ryu Karate […]

Tiger-Crane-Seminar 2011

Karate-do and the White Crane Connection 4

The shift from karate, regarded as pure Japanese fighting art (until well into the early 1980’s) to the acknowledgement of the Okinawan origins of the art, and the growth of Okinawan Karate as a result, has now, with the emergence of Old School Karate, opened up a public interest in the Chinese Roots of Karate-do. In 1995 a […]

Hanshi McCarthy @ Legends Dojo June 2010 1

Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (8th Dan) delivered an inspiring evening seminar as part of his current world tour. The subject of the evening was scheduled to be Kumemura Futari Geiko, a set of Naha-te based old-school application practices that deal with the defensive themes of a series of common, habitually seen acts of physical violence (e.g. HAPV), which […]