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Learn the Fujian/Chinese-based quanfa practices haphazardly introduced on Okinawa during the old Ryukyu kingdom period from 1429–1879, catalogued and categorized by Master-level instructor Patrick McCarthy (Hanshi, 9th dan)

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Past Events


Sanchin Master-class with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy at the Institute of Karate-do, South East London. Wednesday June 6th 2012


Kumemura 2-person drills with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy at Bloomsbury Fitness, Central London. Wednesday June 2nd 2010


Chokyu-gata futari geiko with Renshi Olaf Krey at the Laindon Community Center, Essex. Sunday October 18th  2009


KU Nage and Ne waza (throws, take-downs & ground-work) with Renshi Olaf Krey at the High Wycombe Judo Center. Saturday October 17th 2009